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Aged blog

From 2002 to 2005 I kept a blog, actually just a file with no RSS feed. Not exactly gripping reading, but then I never promised you that. Some of it, like the Alan Kay links, looks pretty interesting and I should review at some point.

In case you look at the page, and wonder what became of some of these activities: I did have a good time in Xi’an, more or less; photos are here. I kept a private blog during those four months and may transfer some of those entries to this one, in my abundant spare time. The MCZ decided not to support Psyche and I decided I couldn’t devote the time that would have been required to run it, so I brokered its transfer to Hindawi Publishing, where it is flourishing, with nine completed articles so far, and three in preparation. My sincere thanks to Paul Peters, Jim Traniello, and others who have been responsible for the revival of this venerable institution. I did have it all scanned and OCR’d. Next job would be to do entity extraction on it – it’s chock full of species and place names – and link to one or more of the biodiversity catalogs.

The entries about spam make me wonder exactly when the problem became so bad that automated filters were needed and how rapid the transition from the spamless world to the spamful world was like. In December 2003 I was using a filter but was still looking at the positives, which means it must have been pretty new at the time. Wikipedia disappoints here: its history starts in 2004.

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