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Some music on youtube

I’m amazed at how much good music there is on youtube – not something I would have expected, given that (a) youtube is supposed to be about videos (b) the copyright holders like to milk recordings for $ … I discovered a trove of Conlon Nancarrow (top search hit, they’re all fantastic) a while back, and today have been listening to some Stockhausen  (got to the Helicopter String Quartet via suggestions from Death Metal 4:33, which I found thanks to Bill Tozier), and from there the Rite of Spring … I see Carmina Burana is there too, Messiaen, Penderecki, on and on…  Here’s Yo-yo Ma playing the Faure Elegie (although I like the piano accompaniment better than orchestra – voila!) … Let’s see, as a test, here’s an obscure piece that, last I checked, had no commercially available recording: Hindemith’s Sonata for Cello Solo, which I used to try to play… Maybe I’ll become interested in listening to music again?

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